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Hence, my frustration. Open a Blank Document. Now before you type anything, Go to header Footer. Have done as you suggest - but the radio button for 'link to previous' is greyed out and cannot be used so nothing changes and the header again appears on subsequent pages. I'd be grateful if you had any other ideas as this is supremely frustrating and time-wasting as I have to manually delete every page header that appears after the first page. Link to Previous is dimmed because you're in the Section 1 Header It can't be Linked to Previous because there isn't a previous to which it can be linked: Also, simply clearing the check box doesn't remove any existing content.

Regards, Bob J. No permanent difference, I'm afraid. The header disappears from the start of the second page when I delete it, but only until I come to type on it - then it appears again , and on subsequent pages, as before. I'm at a loss to understand why a relatively basic requirement - having a header only on the first page of a template - is so difficult to achieve.

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OK, I believe this may be what's happening: When you "come to type on it" you're most likely starting before the Section Break. Move the pointer over the top or bottom of a page until you see the header or footer area, then click any of the three fields you can use any combination of the fields.

How To Remove All Headers And Footers In Word?

To adjust headers and footers for a page, click a blank spot on the page so nothing is selected , click in the toolbar, then select any of the following:. Show header and footer: Select or deselect the checkbox to show or hide the header and footer on this page.

Match previous page: Use the same headers and footers from one page to the next.

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Deselect this checkbox if you want to use different headers and footers for this page. Turning headers or footers off removes the content from all headers and footers in your document. If you change your mind, press Command-Z on your keyboard to add the deleted text back. Add headers and footers in a word-processing document Click in a page where you want to add headers and footers.

Type your text, or click the Insert Page Number pop-up menu and choose a numbering style. Instead of ribbons, we can still use menus. Click the Fromat menu and select Document. The Document dialog displays. The top and bottom of your document are revealed for editing, along with some information and a Close button in blue boxes. In this example, I only want headers on the pages after the first page.

So I type my header into the top of the second page and click Close. This sequence continues through the remainder of the document. If page numbers are not displaying properly, follow the steps below to correct the problem.

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Follow these steps to correct the problem:. Sign in. Section breaks Open your document in Word. From the View menu, select Draft. You should see a section break just before the Table of Contents.

How to delete a section break in Word on mac (macbook pro)

If a section break is present, skip to Step 4. Similarly, check for a section break just before the start of Chapter 1.

Office solution: Word's disappearing header demystified

If the section break is missing, place your cursor just in front of the first word in the title of Chapter 1. Preliminary pages all pages before the Table of Contents Place the cursor anywhere on the title page. On the View menu, click Header and Footer. Scroll to the footer on the title page.

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If you see a page number in the footer, select the number and press the Delete key. If you do not see a page number in the footer, go to the next step. You should see a page number in lower case Roman numerals that reflects the page count starting from the first page of your document.

If the number is not correct, delete it and proceed to the next step. If you do not see any number, proceed to the next step. If the number is correct, skip to the Chapter 1 section below. Click in the footer on the first page of the Table of Contents.