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Babilonian PM - 5 January, Quote:. Deejay Willy PM - 20 April, hi all i made what you told us to do but a problem came up every time i open serato it keep missing the files location and when i relocate them and serato replaces them i shut serato off and when i open serato again it wont save the files location so i have to relocate them again every time i start serato any idea what am missing or doing wrong thx in advance all. After waiting for 6 months here for a solution, I figured I'd go and buy Alchemie Zinc software to sync my music.

But is seems it only supports Windows XP and Window So again my last resource is you I don't understand why having Serato DJ create subcrates when you drag a folder over to the left has eluded the programmers for over a decade. Deejay Willy PM - 30 June, yeah but virtual dj doesn't not have faults as you say its a gr8 software to use once you master it just YouTube echo papa and see how its easy to use software and it doesn't mean that serato in not good actually serato is as good as virtual dj but at the end its a personal reference.

Just saying.. The faults are stability issues. VDJ8 has some cool things going on, and seems a bit more solid than 7, i will give it that. Deejae Smooth AM - 2 July, I used VDJ on a Mac a couple of years ago and had no problem with the stability of the software but every time I would click into the search box and hit the first letter of a search, you could actually hear a split second stutter on whatever track was playing.

I don' think. Anything to say about this guys? Gonna guess not. Deejae Smooth PM - 8 August, I'm checking out the new Rekordbox as part of the early adopter program so we'll see if they have a clue on issues like this.. Davideon PM - 8 August, Quote:. Deejae Smooth PM - 10 August, My summary would be that they're just getting started with it. I'm not even sure it's at Beta stage yet giving all the issues reported. I think it'll be before a final version might be ready. Plz Serato can you at least tell us if we can expect to see this feature in SDJ or not?

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What do we have to do to have an answer by serato??? Ouhouhou Serato Are you here?

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I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Be welcomed, we got an answer To win some time, I will contact another guy : Dear Santa, Every time SDJ loads the library, it scans for tracks in chosen folder to display in chosen linked crate. Could even just be a Smart Crate rule really. Not every crate needs to be linked to a folder. Once this is implemented, a file rename feature using any ID3 tag information in any order as well as any specific text.

This way, you can download new tracks, put them in your different folders, scan them into SDJ library, analyze, tighten up ID3 tags, and your files can all be nice and neat for when exporting crates to an external drive using the Files tab.

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We really need this folder-crate link feature if we ever want to solve other library maintenance issues. They seem like pretty simple tasks for the offline player to handle. Heltino PM - 5 November, by the way: Traktor does this since "forever". Just tell Traktor where your music folder is and at each start Traktor adds and analyses new files by auto.

I know many peeps like to post who has this library feature down but anyone happen to know if ANY other software is able to do this? I use quite a few and none have this capability as far as I know. H2H PM - 6 November, I think that it's easy to add a third type of crate, to keep "crate" and "smart crate", and add "folder crate".

If you want to manage your music like now, you can.

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My vision of the use will be the following : - Go to setup - Select "Enable folder crate" - Choose your root folder - Select or not "Auto update at opening" - Select or not "Auto analyse new file" If "Folder crate" is enabled a third crate button next to "smart crate" is activated and you can click on it to udpate folder crates manually.

So SDJ will create crates and sub-crates like your folders structure. Please make this feature!!! My two cents would be in the config file for serato a line s of code allow for music directory root location s like you can do in your competitors' dj software. Its just my few pennies. But how long we are going to beg Serato for this feature??? I cannot spend all that time just trying to locate my new tracks. And seriously it is not rocket science..

Again, how hard is this Serato. This has been going on for years. Listen to your customers. One time on the files sytem side and a second time on the serato side I couldn't use serato sync java program for that, because a majority of the concerned files were flac files and serato sync ignore this file format.

So, perhaps one day : serato. H2H AM - 25 February, AlchimieDj do the job, but why should we have to pay for something who should be a native feature? Before integrate a streaming platform like Pulselocker many Djs really have an interest for this feature? Here is the link to download mega.

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I don't personally need this but the link is working for all who will. I think I have a pretty efficient way of organizing my folders, but my god if I could get the time back that I have put into placing my new music into the right crates Make it happen, baby! Thanks again for the update! H2H PM - 9 March, ok it's better, thx. So agreed, the fact that this isn't possible yet and it doesn't look like it will soon is pretty stupid. I'm not seeing any serious response from Serato on this!

This is my biggest problem with working with Serato. You always need a medium to store your Music on, and that medium needs to be organized.

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Serato thinks that you throw your music in one big pile of music folder, and let Serato do it. But a serious DJ needs to listen, buy, record and download a lot! The best is that Serato reflects that structure on that folder or storage!

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Smart crates are then more useful in getting the latest releases or other choices in specific created crates. The way it now is is chaotic, and makes me think to switch just to playing on CDJ's or other software. And yes i also have Alchimie Zinc, and it's a hassle!!!! Hope to hear from you Serato!!!!!!!! On a similar note, has anyone tried using Alchimie Zinc with Windows 10?

I never got any responses to my emails from Alchimie though, so it does appear they've abandoned support for the software, which is a shame. I do like serato to an extent but its so bloody infuriating when the developers don't listen to their customers due to laziness or whatever it is that prevents them from doing anything remotely suggested. Why do we even expect anything we suggest to be added anymore, they are too busy on working on features that other software has had for years Traktor has had hardware remapping for donkeys.

Rant over.

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Don't have the time to get music, sort it in folders and then have to remember where first! Like Traktor, watch folders and add folders and subfolders auto on import or start-up. Time is valuable. At gigs like these, you are relying on your folders, and your memory of where you put things, rather than sift through thousands of tracks, to play something that might just work at that moment. Tommy AM - 20 February, Had contact with Aaron about it, after posting about it some time ago.

He told me it"s not easy to implement. Maybe they don't have the know how to do it? Or have trouble choosing a method. I get a amateur feeling about the developing implementing strategies of Serato.

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Or they have spaghetti coded their Software so much that they need to rewrite it all at a to high cost. Why don't you just build a functionality for Serato to read other databases Only one as a matter of fact. The new Engine Prime does as well but it is a library management app not a DJ app. Other than that a third party app like Rekord Buddy must be used. Thing is being that Rekord Buddy already exists this is not really necessary in this regard. We are spoilt for choice with other apps and it is quite frustrating that this request has been around so long.

Library management is not rocket science and writing an external app or even function that does a "proper job" should not deviate that much away from the brief. I do get that Serato wants to keep the DJing functionality away from the library functionality and I can assure them that I do not update my library while gig'ing, it is much too risky a business and I endeavor to do that when I am NOT playing out.

So if the functionality to administer the library is part of a ADD ON then this should serve the purposes quite well. The fact that I have to go to the crate and manually update files that I have added is primitive and always gets me going to the competition. Thanks again and happy gig'ing.

I too hope they come up with more library tools in the near future but I think we have a better chance of success keeping it in house. I don't think it warrants add on as it is basic core feature so hopefully there is a happy medium. DJay Pro does it with your 'Music' crate as well It really seems like something basic that woulda been implemented at the get go.