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HealthKit in iOS 8 offers the promise of a centralized system so iPhone owners can collect and track their own health and fitness data in a single place, and it gives other companies a common platform to feed information into. Apple will no doubt capitalize on that with the rumored iWatch as its first move into the fitness tracking market.

But it doesn't seem likely the company will be content to stick to just our wrists, which opens the door for a whole line of wearable tech -- including versatile sensors that know what data to collect based on where they are on your body.

HealthKit is a new feature in iOS 8 that acts as a sort of centralized gateway for health and fitness trackers to feed information to the iPhone. Once that data is safely tucked away, users can view it in iOS 8's Healthbook app and choose what information to share with their doctors or other health care providers. The rumored iWatch will reportedly include a laundry list of sensors for tracking fitness and health-related activities, which in and of itself is probably enough to give competitors cause for concern because it will likely track more data than other products -- and pack it all into a sleek looking design that ties in seamlessly with the iPhone.

If Apple offers a device that tracks your daily steps, along with flights of stairs climbed, calories burned, heart rate, body mass index, sleep patterns, and more to give users a better picture of our overall health and fitness status, the iWatch has the potential to be a compelling alternative to other popular fitness trackers such as the Fitbit One, Fitbit Flex, Jawbone Up, and Withings Pulse. The Flex, Up and Pulse all collect data from a single physical point on your body, and presumably the iWatch will, too.

That data collection doesn't, however, need to be limited to one location and could be collected from sensors on our shoes, in our shirts, on our shorts, or most anyplace you can stick one on your body. Freeing the sensors from our wrists makes Apple's health and fitness data collection far more flexible, and the groundwork is already in place for the company to do just that.

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Placing sensors on other parts of our bodies isn't a novel idea, and some companies are already working on product lines that position sensors on our chest, arm, or thigh. Athos and OM Signal , for example both have high tech clothing in development that can monitor your heart rate and breathing as well as other data points to give you real time feedback on your workout session. Both companies are following relatively similar paths: Their shirts and shorts are built so the fabric itself acts as part of the data gathering system, and removable sensor packs tucked into small pockets complete the process and transmit the data they gather back to your iPhone.

Neither company is shipping their products yet, but both are planning fall launches. Mbody already has smart biking and running shorts on the market that track heart rate, cadence, and muscle load, plus route and speed thanks to a built-in GPS. Even Ralph Lauren is getting in on the wearable fitness tracker game with its own smart shirt of sorts. Vampire bats are hipsters. They only come out at night and they hang from their toes when they sleep. This is a caticorn being ridden by Takashi Murakami. He is a famous Japanese pop artist who works in New York.

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