Sims 3 manual patch mac

All you have to do is navigate to your applications folder, and to the sims 3 folder or any folder where the sims 3 icon is located.

Sims 3 manual super patch for Mac 1.67

Lastly, the crack you should apply should not be the one provided by the PC version torrent since that is for PC. I have a macbookpro osx For the ultimate fix crack: 1. Remember to follow Step by step the instructions inside the downloaded archive. And for the step 11 of the instruction manual.

Its the recommended manual patch for the latest version. Do you wish to debug it? I manually patched it, i did everything.

Can anyone help? You just have to do exactly what "mncy" said to do! The game loads, but as soon as you get to the screen for the town, there are no options and no buttons work.

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Any suggestions? Will this work on my laptop?

Patches for The Sims 3 - Pinguintech

So, because Sims 4 torrents are really low on seeders I decided to go with this, given that I haven't really played it much as well. Thank you so much uploader! It does work except instructions are kinda confusing at first. But really, thanks and keep it up! Basically here is the sequence of what to do, if your main goal is to make it run first even without the other packages with their respective instructions 1.

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Download this torrent, once done, extract files 2. Refer to instruction pdf from fix zip file you download , proceed to step 10 til the end instructions 4. Enjoy your game! With your help i fixed the last malfunction. I also know what not to try and install as far as expansions and stuff packs. Error 1 — Operation not permitted. I have followed both instructions listed above several times if there wad the chance that either of them may work.

But, I keep getting this message and cannot expand the file and get the plumbob symbol. I just redownloaded and it worked! Hi, i need help. Is your Mac user account an Administrator account? You have to double click on it to open it again. I put in my codes for the expansion packs on origin.

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  • The Sims 3 Patch Downloader.

My launcher shows that Sims 3 is running with the correct patch yet will not progress past the error message. Any suggestions? I have a newer iMac and I recently bought an expansion pack for the Sims 3, but now my game will not load.

Official EA Download Links for The Sims 3 *Cumulative* Manual Update — The Sims Forums

Any suggestions, as to what I can do? You probably have wasted it as the game is not compatible on your Mac. However, I have covered the Unknown Error issue here — https: Omg I actually started to cry when it worked, i was talking to EA help for 6 hours to try to fix my sims, bless you might start a mini shrine. Would someone be able to give me some assistance in which version I should download? Any ideas what else I can do?

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Can I still use that? Where did you download it from? I am using digital because that was how I got my latest EP, but the original game was disc Like Like. Ok, so have you tried the disc one? Did you follow the instructions for Sierra users? Set up a new administrator account on your Mac and try playing in that one? Thank you so much from Spain!! Can i kiss u?!!!!! This is perfect and help me so much … I love u Like Like. Trash it then redownload and install it. Is University life compatible with Sierra?

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