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Yes I did do the upgrade, thanks. For the question above, I usually fire up the plug-ins through Lightroom. Find a photo, right click on it, click "edit in" and chose the plug-in I want.

In this case when you launch the plug-in it will tell you there is an update available as commented here elsewhere. I downloaded the first Nik version released by DxO and found nothing different except their name plastered on it so, I reloaded the old Google version and kept my money.

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With the other comments here and the marketing on DxO's website, I see little new to induce me to buy the latest DxO Nik upgrade. What I like about the Nik collection is it's ability to work with jpegs and would gladly pay for the DxO version if they started showing improvement for Nik as a free standing program instead of focusing on being a bunch of Adobe plugins and also added more presets to use.

Glad to see they fixed the blocking along the edges. Just downloaded the update and it seems to be fine now. The Google version is great software I use a few times a month Unfortunately it doesn't. Even the scaling 'bug' for 4K and higher resolution screens of the gui which is in the versions of Google can still be found in this release.

Besides this I think that DxO delivers excellent software for an excellent price especially their noise reduction algorithm in Photolab is excellent.

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The brush tool in Sharpener Pro doesn't work properly in the Google version it keeps throwing up a pop-up window. This has been cured by DXO. That was the reason I bought the upgrade. Nik doesn't work well on 4K screens tiny type , is very slow on powerful modern computers not taking advantage of multithreading and new more efficient image processing libraries and creates mammoth files. Nik definitely needs a full rewrite and even reconception.

Unfortunately DxO hasn't done that yet. I think DxO were interested in some IP and even patents with the U-control technology which is a useful alternative to masking for local adjustments for photographers: graphic designers prefer masking as they live with masking in their day job.

Couldn't agree more! Description says it is nowcompatible with DxO PhotoLab 2. Where do you find that "now compatible with DXO Photolab 2" information? In the last sentence of the announcement above, and on their website, it states compatibility with PhotoLab But I have not upgraded to PL2 yet but will tomorrow since that is when the sale ends. See cut and paste of announcement below Compatibility is much exaggerated. Not pro ready - the old versions work fine in Adobe Photoshop CS6. I'm looking forward to a proper rewrite from DxO - at least an interim one to deal with the plugin compatibility and opening issues and 4K display.

Credit card is handy for when a fully working version for Affinity Photo is released. Again, that's not yet. You're paying for compatibility. No new features, but not nothing. Obviously if you have no compatibility issues don't buy it Nik does not work by itself it's a plug-in for photoshop, if there are compatibility issues they should fix it for free. If dxo had built Nik from the ground up, then of course compatibility issues should be fixed for free. But they acquired it from Google.

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They had to go through tons of someone else's source code and bring it all up to date for recent OS's and versions of lightroom and photoshop. That is not a trivial feat. I do still use my Google Nik Collection, which i've paid many years ago. Some of the modules are stuck in a window mode and can't be made full screen.

That inconsistency is extra-frustrating. Most of the apps open in full screen. Viveza opens in a window. There's no justification for the inconsistency. You can make Viveza fill the screen by manually stretching the corners of the window. Currently the old version runs OK after a couple of adjustments in preferences so I won't be upgrading until later unless there's a discount incentive.

Nik is one of those. I is one of those sets of tools that I come back to very now and then. I too paid the full whack but it was long enough ago not to begrudge upgrading now and for what seems an entirely reasonable price; though I wish the sharpening module had had a bait of a makeover to add more 'finesse' options in light of the high MP cameras we now have that didn't exist when it was created. DxO is obviously hustling to bring in more money to the point that it's kinda sad.

The buzz around bankruptcy news a while back I assume is a driver.. Hence the NIK hustle. I made full payment of Nik collection plugin long before Google took over Nik Soft and gave the world free download. Now I am asking myself why I am asked to pay for an 1. Same here and I wasn't pleased when they gave away something I paid a good bit of money for when it wasn't free.

I'm going to pass, as most of this is built into the DxO PhotoLab product now, which is my primary tool. I am not sure what's wrong with them asking. It is an offer that has been made available to the world at large. Customers satisfied with the original Nik such as you and me don't have to do anything. The fact that Nik is be being actively managed is good news for all of us old users who may one day see actual upgrades to the nuts and bolts.

It is remarkable to me how useful Nik still is despite its age! Man, the entitlement! Obviously DxO didn't get any of the money that you paid to Nik back before Google acquired them.

go Of course they should charge you for their work! They are being nice to existing customers that paid for the first update by offering them this new one for free. They don't owe you anything though. They could be like Adobe and charge you a monthly subscription fee just to have access to the program. I'm not saying they owe me a free update.

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I was more irked about Google giving it away for free after paying for it. DxO has every right to charge for the Nik Collection and to get paid for the development work they've done and will do on the software. I just don't use it enough to justify spending money on it, especially when a lot of it can be done in PhotoLab. Anyone still using old versions of Nik Collection and wanting to test the new version should be aware of a serious problem when installing a trial of the DxO Nik Collection: The DxO installer completely deletes the entire Google Nik Collection folder from the hard drive.

I don't discourage anyone from testing the new version, but be sure your original Google download is backed up and standing by in case you wish to re-install it after testing DxO. I'd like to know if this new version is just a compatibility update, or if they've addressed any of the usability and consistency issues outlined here:.

And other users would like to know if they've yet to fix the issue of proper scaling on high-definition screens. Maybe you cynics can't understand that the article was originally written the way I captured. The author has since changed it. Think more broadly, folks, instead of using someone as a convenient punching-bag. Apparently not, according to member Simon Garret in this topic. Guess I'll hold my money until they fix the problem. Until then, I'll stick with my free version :.