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Dopo aver scelto il dispositivo di archiviazione su cui effettuare il salvataggio dei file, premete su Utilizza il disco. Cerchiamo di capire cosa le rende diverse e quale acquistare! Guide di Acquisto Guida Acquisto. MacOS Mojave: testi sfocati? Ecco come risolvere News macOS mojave testi sfocati.

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MacOS News apple iOS macOS mojave. Apple Mac macOS. Apple Mac. Ve lo spieghiamo in questa breve e semplicissima guida! Apple programmi windows. Ecco come fare! Commenti 0.

Create a Time Machine backup

Commento Nome Email Sito web. Monitor per Mac Mini: i migliori da comprare 4 ore fa.

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Accessori Raspberry Pi: i migliori da comprare 4 ore fa. At this point, I assume you are patient or you're back here because your attempt to connect an X terminal failed. One likely reason for a failed connection is the firewall on the server or, worse, somewhere else in your network. To temporarily disable the firewall on the server while you attempt to configure XDMCP, issue the command ipchains -F or iptables -F on the server. This eliminates the firewall altogether. To be more selective about your firewall policies, you may try the ipchains or similar iptables command.

In addition, make the following changes if necessary to the following xdm configuration files. If you are not using kdm or gdm as your display manager, you are done with this part. However, if you are using kdm, you must edit kdmrc as well. If you are using gdm, you must make the same modifications to gdm.

Ripristino Mac Osx Lion da rete - Recovery Mode

Configuring an X terminal simply amounts to installing an X server and running an X query. No window manager or desktop environment are necessary.

This is why the X terminal's hardware is relatively unimportant, except perhaps the network interface card. One way is to setup a dummy terminal to run X with no window manager and no applications and then have the XDMCP server push a login screen onto the terminal. This is covered in this useful mini how-to. I, however, will stick to configuring a not-quite-so-dumb X terminal.

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This means the X terminal must have some operating system with a configured X server installed. For Windows, consider installing Cygwin with the optional XFree86base package and dependencies installed. X servers are available for many other platforms as well, and any one is sufficient to run an X terminal. Once you have an X server installed, all you need to do is run it with a query option.

Three types of queries are available. This is done from a non-X shell, not an xterm.


If this already is the case, you are all set. The default run level is set on the line containing initdefault. Once you have made this change, you may reboot or issue the command telinit 3 to get a text login. Log in as any user and issue the command X -query my. If you are running windows and have installed Cygwin, from the Cygwin bash shell, issue the command XWin. If you are having font issues, consult this excellent how-to to find the necessary server configurations to resolve the issue.

The display manager login screen and chooser interface are fully customizable. I expect most people choose to use gdm or kdm, so I won't go into details on xdm customization. Also, because gdm offers a graphical customization tool, I scratch only the surface of customizations, focusing on kdm customization under Red Hat only. Regardless of which display manager you run, you may want to consider customizing a few things. For example, you may want your own background image and your own welcome message to appear on the login screen, and you definitely want to prevent users from shutting down the server through the login window.

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  • For kdm users, the background image is presented on the login screen by an auxiliary program called xsri. You may set this string equal to anything you like, but long messages may not display fully or may distort the appearance of the login window. Macros may be used in the GreetString too. Ask a question.