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Serve immediately. Kait: Yummy! Next time would add the bread crumb topping some extra cheese and maybe some onion powder and turmeric. But a yummy starting point! August 13, at pm Reply. Jodie: I was impressed by how this came together, having always wanted to try cream cheese in place of heavy whipping cream. A slug of white wine added to the cheese sauce helps to keep the sauce from being overly stringy.

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Thank you for posting this great recipe! August 12, at pm Reply. Hendrick Elias: Looking at the ingredients: What does oz mean e. Cream cheese? Please help July 16, at pm Reply.

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Hope you enjoy! July 16, at pm Reply. Ger: I just made this and thought it was a little bland. July 7, at pm Reply. Myndy: I just made this tonight and it is very bland. I added a lot more cheese to make it cheesy. August 9, at pm Reply. Leah DeSarbo: Has anybody out this in the crock pot after to keep warm? If so how did it work?

Creamy Baked Macaroni & Cheese

May 29, at am Reply. Katherine L: did you try it in the crock pot? I was going to do that this weekend for a party. July 21, at pm Reply. I will be making it again so I can eat it right out of the oven!!! Thanks for sharing!!! OMgosh, I am so happy to find this!! I just found you. Frankly, I am very very excited about your other southern recipe, especially greens!

Hi Cindy! I have many more coming, so stay tuned! I was wondering what would be the measuring size for a family of three?? Extremely delicious! Also made your southern candied yams.. You are the real MVP! Saving these recipes for my lifetime.. Thank you so much! Hi Rosie, I found your recipe on Youtube yesterday and went right to the store after work and bought everything to make it.

And I am glad I did. My picky son ate it for dinner yesterday and it was the only thing he complimented me on. I gave you credit ; He ate it again for breakfast this morning. My Mother came over to visit and ate some after football last night and put up a to-go container afterward. This is the best.

Thank you!! Hi, Rosie!!

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I have been humbled. So, I have happily tossed my recipe out the rotation and replaced it with yours!! Thanks for sharing!! Thanks for the recipe it was absolutely amazing! I love it. I just wanted to tell you this recipe visit awesome my childern and my husband loves it. I have made 4 times. Your recipe is outstanding. Made it for the family the other night and it was a huge hit! Thank you so much for this recipe.

I plan to make this over the Holidays from now on, as well as for any potlucks that come my way. I absolutely love your recipes! Your YouTube video are perfect and very easy to follow. THEN i tried this receipe. Oh My Goodness. I made it for the first time last weekend. My search is over. This will be my macaroni and cheese recipe forever. Rich, creamy, flavorful and oh so yummy.

Thank you so very much. Rosie, your recipes are simply amazing. I am going to next try the soulful mac and cheese. I am so very excited. I believe with you and your amazing recipes, the food network needs YOU!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us on the web. I do hv one question. Your recipe states to buy block cheese.

I was going to buy from the deli. However, I am unclear as to the thickness and how many slices equal 4 oz.

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Also, Could I substitute heavy cream for half and half, which I already have. Or should I buy half and half? Thank you again, for taking the time and energy to display your recipes in such a clear and concise manner. Hi Jennie!

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When buying from the deli, you can ask for the amount needed. Ask for 4 oz of the cheese. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe. Sooooo I made my list on last night and did my shopping first thing this morning.