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Maybe you should try this installer.

Mac OS X:Build from source:Application package

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I'm currently using macports to do it and when I try to install php-gtk, it spews 'duplicate static' errors: Target org. Shabbyrobe Shabbyrobe 1 5 What's the exact MacPorts command you're running?

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MattM MattM 11 1. What version do you have of: Studer Studer 1, 7 PHP Api Version: No such file or directory make[1]: It looks like it cannot find autoconf. I am not familiar with Macs, so I'm not sure how to proceed at this point. Leave X11 open to be on the safe side. Check that before you run this.

Use a theme with X11 graphical (GTK) programs - Mac OS X Hints

In Terminal, type:. Some packages may not be compatible with that very old version of OS X. You can use it that way in commands if your current directory is somewhere else.

  • Mac OS X:Build from source:gtk-osx - Gramps.
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  • You'll need XCode, Apple's development environment. If you try to download Xcode, Apple will probably offer you the latest version of Xcode, irrespective of whether it runs on the version of Mac OS X you are using Apple probably expects you to upgrade everything to the very latest.

    You may need to search for an earlier version. Xcode 7.

    If you are running OSX Building Gramps with Xcode 4. See https: Earlier version of Xcode were delivered as an installer in a disk image. Xcode should be installed in the usual way by double clicking on the installer and following the instructions.

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    Later versions of Xcode are delivered as an Application. You probably need to run the Application to get it to install everything - if you don't, when you go on to the next step it will complain that you haven't agreed to the Xcode licence agreement. It's important that jhbuild is not confused by any existing Homebrew, MacPorts, or Fink installation. For this reason, it can be convenient to create a new Mac User account and log in to that account if you have either of those installed.

    Mac OS X:Build from source:gtk-osx

    Download and run the gtk-osx-build-install. It is assumed here that you have downloaded gtk-osx-build-install. For example, you may see with Mac OS X This shows you have Python 2.

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    • Next, you need a copy of the moduleset file. The Gtk-OSX build instructions are very straightforward, but we need to deviate from them a bit to keep from doing things more than once. Run the following command from the terminal:.