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Download it at Font Library. A humanist sans serif font, Cloud by Typomancer is incredibly versatile with five weights. Play around with the arrangement of your text to create atmosphere in your design.

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Check out the Monochrome Nature Travel Magazine template. Inspired by the early modernist era, Corbert by Jonathan Hill has optically adjusted circles that give the font clean lines and wonderful legibility. Mix geometric shapes with modern grotesque and you get the brilliant Modernist font by Sean Kane. Available in three weights, the font has beautiful ligatures and multi-language support.

The Best Fonts to Use on Your Resume

Download it at SeanKaneDesign. The rounded curves fit naturally with the geometric lines. One look at the uppercase font, Axis by Jean Wojciechowski and you know it would be perfect for magazine titles and headings. Arca Majora, designed by Alfredo Marco Pradil , is an uppercase sans serif font with bold stems and sharp tips. This minimalistic font with two weights could be used anywhere without giving it a second thought. Designed by Jabir , Zelda has an unmistakeably futuristic look.

Looking for a fun and rugged type for logos? Phage is the font you need. Designed by Mehmet Reha Tugcu , Phage is an uppercase-only font. Inspired by double lines, Mad Squire is a fun geometric font created by Nele Tullus. Design a label with personality. A lot like Higher, Komoda by Asia Ang is also a condensed sans serif font with tall letters. Download it at Font M. Made specifically for screen applications, Nauman by Jonathan Hill is a clean font with broad open type forms. Unique, designed by Art Maker , might have a retro look, but it still has that rugged modernistic feel to it.

Download it at Fonts. Believe it or not, Makhina is actually inspired by gas pipes. With its distinct, strong look, this font designed by Nuno Dias , is both fun and functional. Download it at Dribbble.

Roman Sans Serif Font

My personal favorite, Adam. CG Pro, is an all-caps font inspired by the font, Futura. It was designed by Shrenik Ganatra. Kylee Barnard was inspired by rivers formed through deltas when she designed Tessellate. I absolutely adore the ascenders and descenders of this font. Download it at Gum Road. Sometimes, there is so much going on in the background that you want a font which can balance it all out — Kirvy by Youssef Hab chi was made just for that.

Download it at DaFont.

Free Serif Fonts

Liquido by Alessandro Comotti comes in two styles — regular and liquid. Liquid is a fun, jig-ly variation that you can use for special applications. This is an uppercase only font with high-up bowls. Designed by Tshepo Mosoeu , Rhetoric is also a grotesque 19th century to early 20th sans-serif designs inspired font. It is great for headings and body text. Moderan, created by Zoki Design , is a fun and futuristic font with strokes stylistically omitted from many letters. Download it at Zoki Design. A humanist font with graceful round endings, Daruma was designed by Cristina Tejado.

The aim of the font designer is to create a font style for standard publishing use like newspapers, magazines and others alike. Download News Gothic.

60 free sans serif fonts to give your designs a modern touch

This font is a very elegant san serif font that offers many beautiful alternates and ligatures. It has 28 font weights available including pro hair, pro thin, thin italic, normal, medium, medium italic, bold italic and so many more others to choose from. This font is design by Erik Spiekermann in Download Meta. This font is a beautiful san serif font style and it is also one of the oldest fonts which is still widely used by many designers these days. This font is design by Jackson Burke in Download Trade Gothic.

This font is a harmonized font family that includes san serif and serif fonts in one, with many font weights available to help you create the most desirable layout without compromising text readability. Lucida is widely used to many corporate businesses as it provides optimal quality and elegance. This font is design by Charles Bigelow and Chris Holmes in Download Lucida Sans. This beautiful and elegant font is a sans serif font that offers a new trend in using san serif fonts to your designs. It has many font weights available ranging from regular, italic, medium, bold, extrabold, caps regular, small caps extrabold and many more others.

This is the font that will make your text content very noticeable, designed by Jurgen Weltin in Download Finnegan. This font is a simple and friendly looking san serif font perfect for giving your designs a legible approach without readability issues.

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It took years to complete this font family and with constant redesigning, it finally came out with 36 unique and beautiful font weights to offer. This font is design by Hans Reichel in to Download Dax. This font is a beautiful font for any design layout of choice with lots of features to offer and with numerous font weights available.

This is another font masterpiece by none other than the very famous font designer, Adrian Frutiger. Frutiger come up with another very interesting font that will help many designers in their layouts by using Breughel font family. Download Breughel. This font is a professional looking font that has become one of the most used font style in corporate businesses and one of the most popular san serif font in the history. It has the best features perfect for marketing with clarity and legibility combined into one font. This font is creatively designed by Edouard Hoffman and Max Miedinger in Download Helvetica Neue.

This font is a beautiful san serif font that looks very attractive and sophisticated perfect to fit on small spaces. It has 4 unique and pretty font weights available which all look good and design distinctively, the sharp edges and extra loosely joints are very noticeable even in far distances.

This san serif font is designed by Jan Sonntag in Download Hildegard. This font is a simple san serif font that was originally created to serve as font for telephone directories and was later redesigned for more applications.

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It has a generous spacing for each letter which will give more clarity and distinctions when all letters are together. Isabella Chaeva released its Cyrillic version in and was later redesigned again in Download Bell Gothic. This font is a beautiful and purely sophisticated san serif font style that offers attractive characters in both small and capital caps. It is inspired from the grotesque font family and was later redesigned to offer more font weights.

Download Bureau Grot. This font is a fabulous and exceptional san serif font that can offer great emphasis on your layouts. In an article on Bloomberg Business , typography expert Brian Hoff of Brian Hoff Design described it as "professional, lighthearted and honest," noting that it reads as "business-y. If you want to use a sans-serif font, Arial is considered by many to be the safest bet.

While it's still largely considered a good choice, it's worth noting that Arial has become common enough for some hiring managers to find it boring, according to a post on Canva.

How sans-serif fonts took over the world

Since it's readily available on Microsoft machines, this typeface will be easily read on a screen, making it easier for hiring managers and recruiters to learn more about you. Job seekers who want a sans-serif typeface but don't want to use Arial or Verdana can switch to Trebuchet MS.

According to ZipJob , this font was specifically designed to appear well on a screen. Along with our picks, some other popular resume font choices that are clear, legible and scalable include:. When sitting down to start writing your resume, keep in mind that the typeface you choose is just the first step.

Remember that the ultimate goal is to highlight your qualities and get you in the door for an interview. Davis warns that things like size and formatting are just as important as which font you use. Almost every resume I see has bullets and some people use fonts that strain the eye," he said.

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Arial may still be a staple of resume builders everywhere, he said, but making it smaller than 10 points makes it "one of the most difficult fonts to read. Headings should be large enough to catch the eye, while the meat of your resume containing your job description and other qualities should be 11 point. You should also consider the job when putting your resume together.

If you're looking to get into a more creative field, it's okay to use more unconventional fonts, Davis said.