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Fill in your email address in the User Name field, and your password in the Password field. Check if your details are correct. If so, make sure Take account online is checked, and click Create. Return to the Accounts screen by clicking Mail , Preferences , Accounts.

Step 1: Enable IMAP

Make sure Server Name send. Select Use custom port , and fill in Make sure Authentication is set to Password and that User Name is set to your email address.

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The Password is the one you chose, when you created your account in the Control Panel. Click OK and close the Accounts screen. Airmail supports Notification Center, ensuring you'll always know when a new message has been received.

How to setup Gmail in Mac OS X Mountain Lion

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Mail for Mac Mail for Mac is a application built into the Mac operating system.

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Mozilla Thunderbird Mozilla, the company behind the Web browser Firefox, also produces an open source email client, called Thunderbird. Postbox Postbox is a an email client that takes inspiration from other clients such as Mail for Mac and Thunderbird. Airmail Airmail offers a clean and simple interface and Dropbox integration. About the Author Nick Richards has contributed to various online and print publications, specializing in the field of technology. If you have the room and plan on moving all your data to this partition, first find how much space is currently used.

I have GB available so I have plenty of room to create a partition that is equal in size and still leave some breathing room on the first partition to run OS X. Make the partition as large as possible while still leaving some room for the other drive to boot.

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Follow the same steps as above but this time, drag down the center bar, to resize the bottom partition. This shows a 30 GB partition. Put your cursor over OS X Mavericks you will see the cursor turn into a hand.

Click and it will take you to the download page. Launch the installer and select your new Mavericks partition as destination. It all just worked as expected. I know for many users this is an issue, but Mavericks Mail seems to require this setting.

You might want to clean up the Label in the lower section. I would delete or remove.

Forwarding Multiple Emails in Mac OS X

We are going to use this option to repair permissions on your files and folders. After restarting your entire drive will be re-indexed by Spotlight.

7 Best Desktop Email Clients for Mac

Restart and hold down the Command and R keys during start-up to boot into the Recovery Disk Assistant. Not an option for Snow Leopard. You will boot into the Repair Utilitie s screen. On top, in the Menu Bar click the Utilities item then select Terminal. I suggest running Repair Drive while booted from the Recovery drive.