Mac mini 2012 ram update

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The basic model of the new Mac Mini includes a 2. The processor is a slight step up from last year's model but the RAM has been doubled which makes a huge difference to programs like Photoshop and general multi-tasking.

Apple Mac RAM Memory Upgrades

The GB hard drive is standard and the only spec downside is the Intel HD graphics chip which means gaming will suffer when compared to high-end MacBook Pro products but it's an acceptable compromise for the price. If you're using it alongside an old MacBook Pro, you'll feel completely at home and won't notice any difference in performance when using Safari and apps like Pages and Keynote, even while something like Spotify runs in the background. For a price vs performance level, this is a compelling machine against a home made PC - you may be able to manage a better spec with a PC but Windows won't be as fast or as flawless as this desktop OSX Mountain Lion experience.

Following the M ac Mini , there's no optical drive here - if you have CDs or DVD to rip or burn, you're going to need to buy an external drive. The i7 model also benefits from possible hard drive upgrades which the basic i5 model doesn't have.

RAM and SSD upgrades for Apple Mac Mini | Upgradeable

The latest Mac Mini is a big performance leap. That's down to a new processor and doubled RAM of course but the OS X Mountain Lion OS works well with the spec while the Mac Mini struggled at times, getting noisy and warm when asked to do anything beyond the norm. This is a machine that can hold its own against PCs but now happily sits alongside the MacBook Pro as a desktop companion with similar performance levels for the majority of users.

Running demanding applications will require extra RAM, either 8GB or an impressive 16GB boost and then you'll really see the performance value of what you can get for half the price of a MacBook Pro. I have a damaged memory slot.

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Is it possible to only use a 16 GB stick? By raulyabdiel at Oct. Would be useful to me too A response from Apple would be appreciated too By andrewhaighcell at Aug. Yes please update the firmware for Mac Mini please please. By peter at July 10, , p. Definitely need 32GB support on the Mac mini Many companies use these as build servers for Mac software.

By bill at June 10, , p. By telecastle at May 29, , p. Adding firmware support for hardware wiring already present would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Apple. By tpfaff at April 16, , a. Must have, definitely! By yakimant at April 2, , a. It would also be great of Apple to include the MacBookPro's in the firmware update! By chris.

Thinking about getting a late 2012 Mac mini

Source code on GitHub. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions. On Twitter. Repeat to remove the second, bottom module. Install the new memory Carefully press the notched edge of the new memory module into the bottom slot while keeping the opposite edge slightly raised. Press down on the raised edge until the clips snap into place. Repeat to install the top memory module. Replace the bottom cover Don't connect the power cord or turn on your Mac mini until you replace the bottom cover. Replace the bottom cover using the alignment dots to place it in the unlocked position.

Can You Use a 2012 Mac Mini in 2019?

Rotate the cover clockwise to lock it in place. Reconnect the power cord and any other cables you disconnected. Confirm that your Mac sees the new memory To check that the computer recognizes the new memory: Start up your computer. Confirm that the memory listed matches the memory you installed.

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