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How to Transfer/Export Contacts from HTC to Computer

Backing up your Android device does not need to be difficult, there are a few things you can do to make sure that your device is almost fully backed up. This service comes from Google and ties all of your data and information in to the Google ecosystem using a Google account of your choosing. All of these items are synced across various devices automatically, if you are signed in to them with that Google account.

If you get a new phone, you simply sign in to your Google account and once a sync completes all of that data will be put back in to place.

Transfer what’s important

Google has a fairly robust solution for backing up data as listed above. While this encompasses many of the items that you use through Google, any apps that you have installed themselves are not backed up though their data may be. Often phone manufacturers will have their own backup solutions HTC Backup and Samsung Kies for example installed on the device. Normally, this is app data contacts, some settings, etc.

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It does not include the apps themselves, nor any lower level data. It also does not usually backup the downloads folder or any of the custom folders created by apps. Typically apps like these require you to download them to the device, create an account, and then select what you would like to back up, secure, or sync - though sometimes these can be an additional fee.

How Can I Transfer or Copy Contacts from HTC to Computer/Mac

Additionally, apps like Lookout can also include location and theft-prevention services. Apps like Dropbox can also sync with their respective accounts and automatically sync photos and videos in full resolution, so if the phone gets lost, there is still a way to recover the items in your photo gallery. Often, a simple way to move or copy data from your phone to your machine is to simply plug it in to your laptop or desktop with a USB cable.

Android phone contacts and Mac OS X sync

Google offers quite a robust backup and sync solution for its Android devices. There are many different additional options, varying from the very easy setting up Google to Sync data during your initial sign-in to somewhat more difficult using an app like Helium to backup apps and data. All of these are relatively user-friendly, and there exists a plethora of such apps in the Android ecosystem.

You need to decide which files are important — images, contacts, app history, etc. No matter which methods you choose, make sure to test them often.

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  • Regardless of what mobile device you have, it is becoming more important than ever to save that data to other locations. With Android Transfer, all the contacts you transferred can be saved on your computer as a.

    How to Transfer iPhone Contacts to HTC Phone Quickly

    When it's needed, you can simply import it back to your Android phone with simple steps. Android Transfer — manage and transfer contacts between Mac and Android There's no need to worry about contacts transfer for your Android phone. Transphone Newsletter Subscribe. Double-click on the installer icon and follow the on-screen instructions to install the program. Connect the phone to your computer with the supplied USB cable. The Sync Manager software will automatically launch.

    How to Sync HTC to Mac OS X

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