How do i read a book in itunes on my mac

On an iDevice with a home button, double-click the Home button and swipe right or left to find the app that you want to close 3. Swipe right or left to locate the app you want to close 4. Repeat for all open apps until all you see is your home screen. Can you help?

Check that other apps look normal by opening up Safari, Mail, or another app. Make sure the text size is what you expect. For anyone who is having trouble with the Book store tab not showing up Apple Books app or not being able to download new books?? If you have in app purchases disabled, you are not able to view the book store or download new books, or even samples!! I purchased a book error message says cannot download check your time and date setting..

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I did and everything is correct.. I restarted iPad. Signed in and our of icloud. Tried again.

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Same error messages. Help please. To request a refund from Apple for this book, please visit this Apple site and follow the steps on-screen to request a refund for this particular purchase. The download is stuck on all my other devices as well. Before you update, backup your data via iCloud or iTunes and then close all open apps by double pressing the Home Button and swiping up all app previews off the top of your screen. I had the same problem. Their suggestions were the same as in your article. I was then able to download the book to my iPhone XS but am still unable to download the book to my iPad Air 2 despite trying all the steps suggested.

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I lost all my books and my music and now I have to sign in every time I want to use the apps. These should all show the same Apple ID. Tap your photo or the profile icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. Tap Books or Audiobooks under My Purchases. Find the books you want to download, then tap the cloud to download items to your device. Used to be able to get camara automatically when purchasing book. Open the App Store 2. Select Redeem Gift Card or Code 4. Sign in with your Apple ID 5. To the camera to add your gift card, tap Use Camera 6. Follow the onscreen instructions 7.

Follow the onscreen instructions to enter the code from the card. Too complicated. I have many books and papers that I use very often. I am not always in a WiFi area when I need to look at certain books. Linda, Yeah the new changes bring some inconveniences for sure. Any books or PDFs that you want to read without wi-fi, you have to download them into your device. Since the latest software update my ibooks have been stuck on the loading screen of the app on bith my ipod touch and my ipad.

This is really annoying nothing seems to be working i am starting to suffer serious withdrawls from my books and my audiobooks which i need to help me get to sleep and alsofor work!!!!!!! Does anybody have a solution???????? We have seen this being reported by other users as well. The only thing that we suggest is to try deleting the books app, restart your device and then re-install the app and check if it helps.

Sometimes logging out of your iCloud account and then logging back in also can help with this issue. Until apple are able to fix this maybe the best option is to look for a different ibook reader that will synch across your devices and read your books on that. That is what I am reluctantly considering now….

To redeem your iTunes voucher, open the App Store App or Apple Books App—choose the Reading Now tab at the bottom—and tap the profile icon or your photo in the upper-right corner. That amount should now connect to your Apple ID and be used for books from the Apple Book Store, music, video, rentals from iTunes, and other app purchases from the App Store. Appreciate any support. We actually have an article addressing this exact problem!

Take a look here. I power cycled my modem just to be safe, and still nothing. The Apple servers were having issues yesterday and there were many outages reported. You should have no issues if you try it today. Go ahead and give it a shot. We have tried all of the instructions above. Can they be reloaded somehow? Susan, If you have already tried the instructions along with doing a force restart of your iPad and little success, You should reach out to Apple Support and see if they can help you with this.

Thank you so much. My ibooks is working. None of these resets work. It is not We trusted you, bought into the iCloud dream, and now cannot use our own property — the books we bought. Unfortunately, my downloaded copy starts at chapter Could you help me? Tammy Owen. Sorry to hear about your audiobook. Often, audiobooks download in sections due to the size of the book.

So it may be that the file starting with chapter 16 is the smallest file and hence downloaded the first. Please try downloading the book again and wait for minutes for all the sections to download. If it continues to be a problem after waiting some time, delete that audiobook again. Then close your iBooks app by double pressing Home and swiping up the iBooks App Preview off the top of the screen. Once closed, restart your device. Then try again:. If nothing is working, follow up with Apple and request a refund for that book by selecting the item in your purchases and choosing Report a Problem.

I am trying to download iBooks. I press get, enter password and it goes into a loop of asking me to get and enter password. Sorry to hear about your troubles with iBooks. We suggest you close the iBooks app completely and then relaunch it. Then restart your device normally and open iBooks again.

See if this solves the freezing issue. Hello I have the same issue. But, because e-books from iTunes even free ones are copy-protected with Apple's "digital rights management" DRM software, other ePub-compatible programs can't open them. However, a free program called Requiem tinyurl. Requiem downloads as a Zip file, which is compressed to download faster.

That means you have to click its folder to "unpack" it; then click on the Requiem. Then click on the icon for your Web browser. Then download the free Calibre e-book reading software at tinyurl. Use Calibre to open the e-book file on your desktop click Add Books, select Desktop and click your book's icon. Q I have two older laptops with gigabyte and gigabyte hard drives.

12 things to know about iBooks and iBooks Store

Can I remove these drives and use them as external storage devices, like a flash drive? You can follow the instructions at tinyurl. But I question whether it's worth the effort. E-mail tech questions to steve.

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