Homeless man singing for a big mac

After accepting the offer, the homeless man appears to thank Mikel before eating it.

A Look Back at the Big Mac’s Jingle in Honor of Burger’s 50th Anniversary

The video has been widely condemned by social media users despite Mikel's pathetic attempts to impress them. Another said: "Just for a few likes on Instagram and to gain a few followers you picked on the most vulnerable. Someone who didn't do nothing to you, this is disgusting the lowest of the low. By: Jack Beresford.

By: Rachael O'Connor. By: Harry Brent.

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By: Aidan Lonergan. The singer was walking past the man outside a Los Angeles drugstore when he spoke to her, Showbiz Spy reports.

He is said to have then given her a hug while thanking her. A source added: "The store's security guard came running and snatched the money out of the guy's hand, shooing him away. Give this man his money back! I gave it to him!

http://kinun-mobile.com/wp-content/2020-06-20/qumec-how-can-you.php Spears was photographed with ex-husband Kevin Federline at their children's football game over the weekend. The singer has two sons, Sean Preston, 7, and Jayden James, 6. Before she rose to fame, Jennifer Lopez slept on the sofa of her dance studio. Some of the world's richest and most successful people didn't start off that way — they spent nights sleeping on the streets, in their cars, or on friends' couches.

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Some of these celebrities struggled with addiction or trying to make it on their own while pursuing their dreams. Fast-forward to today, many hold Oscar, Grammy, and Emmy award titles and have earned the respect and admiration of their industry peers and fans across the world.

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