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Recording in Auerbach's Nashville studio, he paired Rebennack with a band of young, invigorated musicians and encouraged him to take on unfamiliar songs and write new ones. Auerbach also persuaded Rebennack to play electric keyboard instead of piano, which altered the entire complexion of the music. Rolling Stone awarded it four out of five stars.

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It won Rebennack his sixth Grammy Award. He performed at the White House and at a Super Bowl. As recently as , Rebennack logged nearly three dozen performances across the country, including dates with the Avett Brothers at Red Rocks amphitheater near Denver and at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles.

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Can't see video below? Click here. That turned out be the final Jazz Fest show for both Rebennack and Charles Neville, who died the following spring of cancer. Over the years, he had battled a litany of medical issues, including bone spurs in his neck — the result, he believed, of years spent on methadone — arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. On Oct.

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His annual holiday season performances at Tipitina's that December were canceled. He reportedly spent the past year and a half living quietly on the north shore, even as his team maintained his Twitter account with a steady stream of vintage photos, footage and milestones. We can take the long way around. Toggle navigation.

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Close 1 of 6. Chris Granger. Matthew Hinton. Buy Now. View comments. Dirty windows? Our speciality!! Whether its a bungalow, commercial premises or windows 60 feet high we can clean your windows and leave them with a streak free finish. Using the reach and wash system helps us to do this from the safety of the ground.

Using a specialist machine for clearing the dirt from the gutters safely from the ground we are able to remove moss, dirt, plants, tennis balls, kids toys and much more from your gutters. Have you had a build up of dirt on your gutters and fascias? Do they look faded, or green with dirt? Using eco friendly chemicals we can restore your fascias and soffits to their former glory, almost always looking as good as new!

Has your conservatory roof lost the shine it once had? DavidG Eonil Eonil Did you ever find a way to do this that works in a shell script?

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ZevEisenberg I don't think so. Anyway, now I think I don't need this at all.

ZevEisenberg my updated answer and one other answer shows you how to do it from a script. See apple. Nathan Tuggy 2, 9 9 gold badges 26 26 silver badges 35 35 bronze badges. Alok Singhal Alok Singhal If it does, please let me know! Well, yes, but see below stackoverflow. If you accidentally pressed this, how would one go about viewing the cleared buffer?

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JoshPinter, just don't press it by accident. Wildcard Fair enough. I feel like they should be reversed, though. A better way to clear screen from within a script I used the "better way" in.

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This is the most conceptually correct answer. If Alok's answer could be extended to clear the terminal that is running the current script, it would be an improvement, but this simpler. This is waaaaaaaaaaay better for scripting.

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Thanks a bunch! This is perfect for when you're ssh'd to some other system, thanks! This is the best way. Thank you, this is exactly what I needed. It clears the screen, but not the scroll back buffer i. Put this in your. Robert Simmons Jr. This should be the correct answer. AppleScript might be messy, but hey, gets the job done.