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Ps2: sorry for my bad english. Distribution Mode Selected Reading package lists Building dependency tree Reading state information E: Couldn't find package aufs-modules Hola, me gustaria saber si funciona la aplicacion de sendemail en bt-4, pues llevo haciendo pruebas y no consigo que me lleque los email enviados. Gracias Tags :. I have a internet connection to xp pc. I am new to Ubuntu please help to me. TL-WNG um genau zu sein.

Ciao tutti!! While ZAP can detect some security issues automatically, it is primarily designed to help you find security vulnerabilities manually. Unlike some security tools it is designed to be used by people with a wide range of security experience. As such it is ideal for developers and functional testers who a new to penetration testing. Details of the changes made are here: 1.

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Many thanks, Psiinon Tags :. When i execute pyrit inside X my screen turns black, also it does not respond to me trying to close X. Have to restart box to restore X. Self test ok. However I get a seg fault with anything I run bascially. I have tried nearly every application that has cuda support with the same result. Aircrack-ng was giving me a different error iirc. Im scanning IP blocks with nmap to find any box's with open ports.

Can i used exploits on filters? How can i change the port to be open? Where can i find open ports? They successfully recovered the password and sent me some proof. Latter they sent me a hint as I asked for one, the hint was "Password is a repeated set of random characters.

I was wondering if i could get some help, or maybe generate a dictionary with some program where i can implement what I know to make this process faster. Obviously the password isn't out of the ordinary or they would not have cracked it. Hello everybody! Do you Know an good exploit for IIS 5. I'm searching but i don't find nothing or better something operable.

In the case that i find something i will post that here! Ps: Sorry my english. If you have a captured WPA handshake that you cannot crack, their is a really good service that I and many others have used to crack WPA handshakes. All you have to do is send the handshake in to wifi recoverwpa. Website below. Hi guys, i am with a big problem and i please want your help. After some search, i found that the problem is that i cant fake auth the AP. This problem suddently appeared. If you need some extra informaion, please say what information you need and I put here : thanks in advance Tags :.

After doing this type of install, I always get a verbose boot even after applying the fix-splash When I try to Boot Backtrack to install it, I am greeted with the following error messages. I've tried every boot option, but nothing seems to work. Trying to install on MacBookPro7,1.

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I just downloaded the latested released, BT4 R1. When I boot from it, it automatically goes into the login instead of giving me that old menu to choose from as it used to. If I want to go to a gui, I have to type startx. So, I was kind of wandering what happened? I checked the blog and browsed thru the forum but I didn't know what to actually look for, so I was kind of wandering if it is something wrong with my download? Or it does how it supposed to look like?. By the way, I forgot to mentioned I am running it from Vmware, if that makes any difference.

A very lame question: how can I connect to a wireless network under Backtrack4?

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Ciao a tutti. Sono seriamente intenzionato ad acquistare una scheda di rete wifi usb sono in particolare orientato verso le Alfa. Mi interessa in particolare che la scheda sia USB, pienamente compatibile con aircrack, e che sia compatibile con b, g ed n. Inoltre deve offrire un buon raggio d'azione : Confido nel vostro aiuto. I'm new to the Linux operating system, as every beginner quickly make some mistakes that I can not overcome. I using backtrack 4 r1 Is it possible to make a system backup system restore point , as in windovsih?

Thanks Tags :. Hi, Can someone tell me the best tools for an os and os version if the target has a mac?

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Hello people I would like to ask your help for this problem. I have already searched the forum for a working answer and I couldn't find one so here I go.

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  • formatar hd externo mac fat32.
  • After that i reboot and get the famous "no screens found problem". I already tried fixvesa, fix-vesa. None of these things help. ANyone got a clue? Lest es euch durch und schreibt eure Meinung dazu.

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    Local File Inclusion mfg pigtail23 Tags :. I have a n00b question. Please set correct fontPath in the vncserver script. I'm sure this has been answer and i really apologize for posting, but i've searched threads and threads over this. I have not had this problem on any of my machines except this one. This laptop is a HP pavilion dvus. From all i've learned and found out it's running a ati radeon xpress m video card. I got it installed on hard disk and used fix-splash to try to fix xwindows but it didn't help. I even used a ati driver install to fix it but when i install the new ati catalyst it says i don't have a ati card.

    But it windows XP it works fine as a driver. Normal boot is fine, but when i startX stuff is so big i can't click on anything.

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    I'm gonna try an older ati driver but nothing so far has worked. Any help appreciated. In Switchable mode, startx command doesn't work, error: no screens found But in Discrete mode, startx works, but the resolution is just x How can I have the resolution x in backtrack 4 live? I have a Compaq CQ42 notebook, and want to install Backtrack 4 on it. Everytime, after pressed the command startx , I only saw a screen with some complex codes and the message "Screen found, but can't create a usable configuration, blah,blah.. Anyone can help me?

    I really want to use BT. Thank you so much. I use bt4 on my laptop. It use ralink wlan card. It connect to AP and compleat it get IP from dhcp server but can not use and ping to gateway then unrespond.

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    How do I fix problem. So i have backtrack 4 final on a dvd and my dictionary on a usb.. Ok, I did search for this but I didn't find anything. I don't know if I wasn't searching correctly since the error I'm trying to get is a little difficult, or so I think, to search for.