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What if the band was already something of a mess before its most popular line-up coalesced? For some, Fleetwood Mac's finest legacy ends with founding member Peter Green, whose bluesy vision on their first album is a million miles from the pop heights the band would soon hit. There is no perfect distillation of Fleetwood Mac. No epitome. They are an ever-changing beast whose endurance would be their greatest legacy if they didn't have so many amazing songs.

Leather and lace: how Stevie Nicks created a new musical language

With most members now well into their 70s, you wonder whether they're doing the right thing by continuing to milk this band when their best performing years are behind them. I watched them dance, I heard them unabashedly scream along to those big hits. Maybe, after all these years, we need to acknowledge that Fleetwood Mac is more about its fans than its members.

No amount of over analysing will change the fact that this is a band that still matters to so many. If they can continue to spread their joy, who are we to question it? Features Music News Lists. Wednesday 21 August am. Fleetwood Mac. Share Facebook Twitter Mail Whatsapp.

Lindsey Buckingham won’t tour with Fleetwood Mac

Neil Finn has joined Fleetwood Mac Yep. Inspired by a road sign she spotted on tour, Nicks intended this simmering requiem for her romance with Buckingham to be her crowning moment on Rumours. But the song which originally ran almost 10 minutes was too long to fit on the finished LP and was dropped. Christine McVie wrote this song with Portuguese songwriter and keyboardist Eddy Quintela, whom she married in My skin turned to goose flesh, and I wondered how long this feeling was going to last.

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Don Henley of the Eagles claimed the song was named for a baby Nicks was pregnant with and decided not to have during their brief late-Seventies affair. Thirty-five years later, she confirmed that he was partially correct. One afternoon during the recording of Rumours, Nicks disappeared into a small studio in the Record Plant, which belonged to Sly Stone.

We were coming at it from opposite angles, but we were really saying the same exact thing. She waitressed at a singles bar.

Should we go back to San Francisco? Should we quit? Not weird enough? It was excess in every sense of the word. Exotic food delivered to the studio, crates of Champagne.

20 Insanely Great Fleetwood Mac Songs

So I wrote verses for that bridge, which was originally not in the song, and edited those in. It seemed like a pleasant revelation to have. When Christine rejoined her bandmates at a Dublin gig in , after 17 years away, it was the first song they played. The chilling climax of Rumours is a seductive guitar ballad that doubles as a horror show.

Shortly before she and Buckingham joined Fleetwood Mac, Nicks picked up a novel called Triad at an airport. While there, Lindsey Buckingham wrote a bruising new song that channeled the darkening anger brought on by his impending breakup with Stevie Nicks. It was just an angry thing that he said. Every time those words would come out onstage, I wanted to go over and kill him. Everett Collection. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Newswire Powered by.

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Close the menu. Our relationship was already in dire straits. Weston, whom Mick Fleetwood described as " charming and funny ," fit in with the band well.

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Weston met Fleetwood's wife at the time, Jenny, while she was on tour with the band, and the two hit it off immediately. They began an affair. Jenny personally told Fleetwood about her relationship with Weston before leaving the tour and taking their two children to Los Angeles. The tension in the band skyrocketed, but Fleetwood tried to keep playing with Weston. Years later, Weston quipped, "[It was] the most expensive affair I've ever had in my life