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It's a bit finicky, but when it works, it's so cool! Enter a keyword phrase if you want to change it from "Computer". But if you leave it as "Computer", you sound like the captain of a spaceship! Now when your cursor is in a text field, you can just say the keyword phrase and your dictation command and it'll do it.

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Click the checkbox next to Play sound when command is recognized. If you accidentally open a website with an autoplay video or you're listening to music but want to dictate something quickly, you can mute audio output during dictation so that you don't have to manually fiddle around with volume. In macOS Catalina, Apple has opted to change things up a bit regarding dictation and accessibility. While there was previously a section for accessibility options for dictation in System Preferences, those capabilities have been folded into the new Voice Control accessibility feature.

EquatIO For Mac Lets You Create Mathematical Equations, Formulas & More in Word | Texthelp

Voice Control is a greatly expanded set of capabilities that allow you to control every aspect of your Mac, including text entry, with your voice. The best Apple accessory has gotten betting with AirPods 2. Now offering a wireless charger case, the popular earbuds feature the new Apple H1 headphone chip that delivers a faster wireless connection to your devices, as well as support for "Hey Siri. These beautiful speakers offer a balanced sound in a stylish package.

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If you plan on doing any gaming on your Mac mini, you're going to want some great gaming accessories to make sure you're getting the best experience. Joseph Keller is a senior writer at iMore. An Apple user for more than a decade and a half, he spends his time learning the ins and outs of iOS and macOS, always finding ways of getting the most out of his iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

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How to use Dictation on Mac

Click into a text area like a document or the address bar of your web browser. Double-press the Fn key. A microphone will appear on your screen and if it's receiving audio, you'll see activity inside of it. How to change your Dictation language Did you know that you can dictate your text in multiple languages?

Here's how. Open System Preferences from your Dock or Applications folder. Click Keyboard. Click Dictation. Click the drop-down next to Language. Click Add Languageā€¦ Click the checkboxes next to languages that you wish to add.

Click OK. How to enable and use Enhanced Dictation Enhanced Dictation enables you to dictate without an internet connection, and dictate continuously; this means that your words will convert to text more quickly since they're being processed locally on your device. How to change the Dictation keyboard shortcut While the Fn key on your Mac's keyboard is the default trigger for dictation, you can change that in the Dictation section of the keyboard preference pane Open System Preferences from your Dock or Applications folder. Click the drop-down menu next to Shortcut. You can only use Dictation Commands with Enhanced Dictation enabled.

Click the Apple menu button on the top left of your screen. Click System Preferences. Click Accessibility. Not many people are aware that Google Docs has a surprisingly powerful voice recognition engine which not only transcribes speech to text but also allows you to change the formatting of documents with voice commands. Google Docs Voice Typing is pretty accurate for a free online text-to-speech tool. Arguably the most impressive thing though is the an extensive list of commands for formatting text.

Note however that formatting commands are only available in English but the voice engine recognizes 43 languages. Speechnotes is a cheap and cheerful online speech-to-text service which works in Google Chrome and on Android devices. One other option which may be of interest to Mac users is Rev.

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Rev is an iPhone dictation app which uses real humans to transcribe recordings. Rev is only available as an iPhone or Android app though.

10 Best Mac & PC Dictation Software (Voice to Text Apps - 2018)

Another option is Braina. Braina is both a Siri style personal assistant and dictation app although it only works on Windows, iOS and Android. However, if you install Windows on your Mac, you could run the Windows version on it. However, you can ask Siri to turn on Apple Dictation for you. Siri is designed as a personal assistant to launch apps, answer questions and generally speed-up your workflow on a Mac rather than dictation. The best option for you obviously depends on whether you want to wear something on your head, walk around, or just speak into a mic next to your Mac.

If you like to walk around, buy a Wireless Headset but just be careful with the range as it can vary wildly depending on the model. If you prefer not to wear something, Microphones deliver just as good results although you may find yourself craning over the desktop ones more than sitting up straight like you can with a headset. It can feel strange at first talking to a computer and hearing the sound of your own voice constantly. These are the best voice recognition tools available for Mac users. As you can see, the options are very limited by without doubt, Dragon Dictate Professional still leads by a mile.

If you have any thoughts, experiences or suggestions regarding them, leave them in the comments below. If you want other ideas to speed up your workflow, you may also find our look at the best OCR scanning and PDF conversion software for Mac useful too as they save valuable time retyping text locked in PDFs, images , newspapers and other documents. I advise staying away from Dragon Dictate in any form. True, it works well but this is NOT a Mac oriented company.

Support when I used the app was terrible, frequently rude and combative. As you say though, for general needs, macOS Dictate is a very good alternative nowadays. Nuance just discontinued the only available comprehensive voice dictation software for Mac, leaving disabled Mac users in the lurch. For over a decade, disabled computer users have relied the only 2 comprehensive voice dictation software programs available-: Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Windows, and Dragon professional for Mac. Nuance abruptly terminated and ended support for Dragon professional for Mac on October 18, , leaving disabled Mac users in the lurch.

Mac users who upgrade their operating systems risk losing being able to continue to use their voice dictation software, due to software incompatibilities. Nuance warned Dragon for Mac users not to upgrade to more operating systems to Mojave, saying that it was not tested or supported.

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  • However, this will not be an option when buying a new Mac, as it will not give the option of an older operating system. For those who do not rely on voice dictation due to a disability, be assured that the voice dictation capabilities that exist on a Mac computer at present are not remotely as comprehensive as a full-fledged voice dictation program.

    It seems important to get visibility about the issue before the public, Apple, potential software developers, and the disability community, in the hope of encouraging addressing the future void for disabled Mac users being able to continue using their Macs. Apple should stop depending on companies like Nuance and Microsoft and a host of others who have interest in Mac users only so long as they are compliant with their wishes with no respect for us as significant users. Over the years, my first Mac was the Plus when it came off the line, I have seen Apple slowly drift away from its original tenets.

    Apple could easily develop great Dictation Software to help not just the ordinary at home user but also the handicapped and the professional. God knows we spend enough on our Macs to get this done for us. Yesterday, I used my computer iMac for the first time to dictate some material. The results were better than I had expected but not really completely satisfactory, so the thought of buying the Dragon version occurred to me.

    I had read about Dragon many years ago, so I presumed, perhaps unreasonably, that it would still be the best dictation software for my iMac.

    clasburulo.tk I had my finger on the Amazon purchase trigger, but then I decided t read the reviews. They were terrible. Not one of the Dragon models received even mediocre reviews. I was stuck.