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USing this function you can rename files even using regular expressions! It is quite easy for example to get rid of all whitespaces and replace them with an underscore. This function can also be used to rename folders. So if you don't like whitespaces in your folder simply replace them with underscore using this functions. Find Lost Files If you move files around on your harddisk, ScratchLIVE won't find them anymore - not even in the case that the filename itself has not been changed.

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Using this function you can fix those broken references. Just tell ScratchTools where it should look for your lost files.

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For the lazy ones - just use the root folder. Right now it will only search for files which have exactly the same filename - in the future we would like to support "intelligent" track identfying, for example by size, playlength, tags etc. With this function you can synchronize one crate to a folder.

So let's say you have folder on your harddisk named "HipHop" and an according crate. Once you add new tracks to that folder, just synchronize it using ScratchTools and your crate will automatically have those recent added files. By default only new tracks will be added, old tracks will not be deleted.

Synchronize Crates with Folders Creating Subcrates This function will synchronize one crate with the content of one folder, the difference to the previously mentioned funtion is that for each folder a new subcrate will be created. Full Synchronization option This option will synchronize crates and their folders fully, which means that tracks which are not insde a folder anymore, will automatically removed from the according crate.

Move Orphaned Entries in Library to Crate If you have tracks in your library which are not used in any crate, this function will move those tracks into one crate. They will be put into the same folder as where your ". Just Backup This function will just backup your DB files and then quit.

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Delete missing tracks from Library This function will delete all tracks which have a question mark "? It is recommended to try to automatically relocate those files with the "find-lost-files" function before you completely delete them from your library.

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Parent No Crate option This is for a very specific, uncommon user case, so you might skip reading this This option will take the given path and import all folder inside the path as crates and all the subfolders as subcrate. This is very similar to the standard behaviour when using 'Synchronize Crates with Folders Creating Subcrates' but will not add the given folder as a crate itself.

Sort Crate Order This function will sort your crate order alphabetically. Only the files from the drive where your database location is will be added. If necessary you can run the import process multiple times with different database locations to cover all drives. Also the list of supported audio files has been extended. Import Textplaylists You can import text playlists and ScratchTools will create a subcrate with all tracks on the playlist from your library. This is very handy in case you have a gig where you have to make sure to play certain tracks. It is tedious to type in all the tracks, search them in your library and put them into a crate - ScratchTools will do that for you!

Eliminating Dupe Files You can list different types of duplicate files to reduce your library size and to keep it tidy. We like to differ between three tiypes of dupes: 1.


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This is solely based on the full filename incl. This is solely based on the filename excl. They don't have to have exactly the same, it is sufficient if they are similar! So the command you would have to enter goes like: 1.

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Reset All Column Settings The mandatory parameter is a list of semicolon separated columns you would like to see. They will be added in the exact order as you specify them. If you do not supply the 'song' column it will automatically added as the last column. You have to enter 1. The column location will be exported as the first column by default. Search pattern will be matched agains the complete relative path. You can specify multiple pairs. You want old tracks in the crates to be deleted from that crate.


If the crate is not existing, it will automatically created. As VSL supports video file mapping across different drives there is no security sanity check! Use "" if you want all crates to be sorted.

If you do not supply a cratename then the itunes playlists will be imported as subcrates inside a top level crate named "iTunes". Also you can force a full sync of your crates and iTunes playlists. Sistemi MacOS: apri una finestra di "Finder", accedi al menu "Vai" , seleziona la voce Applicazioni , scegli l'opzione "Utility" , quindi seleziona l'icona "Terminale". Verifica che Java sia installato sul sistema in uso. Digita il comando java -version all'interno della console dei comandi.

Nel caso venisse visualizzato un messaggio di errore, dovrai scaricare il Java Development Kit dal relativo sito web e installarlo sul computer in uso. Accedi alla directory in cui hai salvato il file Java che contiene il codice sorgente del programma che desideri eseguire. Per farlo, usa il comando cd seguito dal percorso completo della cartella a cui vuoi accedere. Compila un programma Java. Consulta questa guida per scoprire come correggere gli errori presenti nel codice sorgente del programma Java rilevati dal compilatore.

Esegui il programma. Se a questo punto dovessi ricevere un messaggio di errore, o se il programma dovesse avere un comportamento inaspettato, fai riferimento alla sezione "Risoluzione dei Problemi". Imposta la variabile "path" di sistema. Sistemi Windows: digita il comando java -version all'interno della finestra del "Prompt dei comandi", quindi premi il tasto Invio.

Ricorda di sostituire la cartella "jdk1.

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Assicurati di eseguire il programma indicato mentre ti trovi all'interno della directory che contiene il progetto di Java che vuoi compilare. Dopo aver apportato le modifiche indicate, chiudi e riapri la finestra "Terminale". Hai trovato utile questo articolo?